About Mike Tobias
Mike Tobias is a serial entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, who started his first company out of college at the age of 22 and built it to become the number one supplier in the world for air traffic control display systems.

Mike went from tech startup founder selling $300 PC graphics cards to selling his company after landing a $10 million multi-year contract with Raytheon and the Federal Aviation Administration.

After that Mike went on to raise over $100 million on various startup ventures. He co-developed the patent used in modern day fiber-to-the-home telecommunications (think Verizon FIOS) and pioneered video technology that is now popularly used on platforms like Netflix and Hulu.
The journey from techie to senior corporate business development executive has given Mike an amazing amount of experience selling big ticket deals in various industries such as digital media, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, medical, and aerospace.

Mike's clients have mastered the ability to connect with the most exclusive and hard to reach business people in dozens of industries and generate 6 and 7-figure contracts in short periods of time.
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